Our Preschool Day


Our Preschool Day


Activities planned allow opportunities for your child:


-to develop a good self-image

-to share, play and work with others

-to plan and make decisions

-to allow creative expression through dramatization, coloring, painting, cutting, gluing, and using other materials


Language Arts includes:

-Listening to stories, poems, directions and thoughts of others

-Speaking to share ideas clearly with a good choice of words and to increase vocabulary


Social Studies and Science provide:

-opportunities to become aware of the world through study of ourselves and our community

-opportunities to become aware of safety, care of personal and public property, school rules, good health habits, and how to work and play together at home and school


Mathematics entails:

-learning to recognize numbers in print


-basic shapes such as circle, square, triangle, rectangle, hart, star, oval, diamond

-understanding the value of numbers


Music compromises:

-enjoying participation in vocal music and rhythmic activities such as marching, clapping, and playing different instruments


Physical Education fosters:

-learning of skills for use of balls, scooters, scoops, and pre-gymnastic skills, catching, throwing, balancing, and kicking

-improvement of coordination

-following game rules

-cooperation in group activities

-relaxation and fun


Art includes:

-experimenting with colors and shapes

-discovering textures and designs

-creating a new idea

-expressing thoughts and feelings

-using fine motor muscles (hands and fingers)


The world is your child’s home and school experiences.  You and I will be the most important part of his /her world this year.  Let’s work together on the basic social, educational, and self-help skills.


Could you work with us on:


-following simple directions


-washing and drying hands

-recognizing first name in print

-expressing thoughts

-playing in a group

-being without you for a short period of time


Perhaps you could:

-help provide clothing that is simple, easy to manage, and not too tight

-provide experiences which build a language background

-help develop feelings that accomplishments are important

-demonstrate the route to school

-send your child to school in an unhurried, rested frame of mind and with a satisfied stomach

-READ, READ, READ to your child

-be glad that your child can be happy away from home