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Updates from Superintendent Woelber 3/22/22

Greetings from Fulda School,

We’ve had a couple of long weeks in the Fulda schools and it is time for spring!  Spring sports are off and running and I can’t wait to see how well we do this year with the great kids that we have.   I am hopeful that we will see continued success with our partners from HLO.  Hats off as well to our speech team and the success they are having!

We almost had a school tragedy involving guns and the improper handling of them.  Last week we, unfortunately, had one of our students get injured when messing around with guns.  By the Grace of God, we still have everyone and I am thankful for that. No matter what your age there is a story about guns and being safe when handling them.  We have had so many tragic stories over the past 100 years related to this and I, as a “farm boy” always worry about an accident.  On the bright side, the student will make a full recovery and we can use this as a lesson about taking care of one another and making safety a number one priority!  

We also recently had a letter to the editor regarding students and free speech.  This, of course, is very important to all of us and we have met with parents and will continue, to the best of our ability at the school, to keep everyone in the know.  We as a district want the trust of our students and their families and it starts with better communication.  

We are always on the lookout for great employees and we will again have a couple of openings in the elementary and secondary schools.  At the secondary level along with special education, speech and language there may or may not be a single applicant.  Elementary positions that used to get 100 applicants are now lucky to have 4 applicants.  God also smiled on Fulda recently by signing on our local young man Clayton Hartle to teach science next year!  He will be a great addition to Fulda and will be good for our kids in the classroom, in the sports arena, and a great community member.  I feel the only way to keep our small schools strong is to grow our own and I hope we can continue to encourage a few of our locals to take the plunge and make a difference in the lives of kids here at the school.  Have a great end of March and a Sunny April!

Loy Woelber