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Updates from Superintendent Woelber 3/7/22

Greetings from Fulda Schools,

It has been months since I’ve had an article from the school and I apologize. We have had a very long February and thank God, March is coming in wonderfully! We have been very fortunate to have our students in school and with very few COVID issues. Our students have been seeing success in speech, sports, and other activities around the school. I am hopeful for a fun spring in which we get our activities off and running on time!

BRETT PERISH! Get used to that name because not only is he “one of ours” in Fulda, he is our new Elementary Principal beginning in the fall! Brett is currently the assistant middle school Principal in Worthington. We had nine quality applicants wanting to be here and our top two were our own Brett Perish and Shannon Henning. It goes to show how strong we are and how lucky our community is to have great educators. The board and administration decided months ago that in order to keep this district moving forward and to serve our increasingly diverse student population along with ever-changing school mandates and other challenges, we needed a leader dedicated full time to our Pre K - 6th grade students. We have not had a full-time Elementary Principal for many years and this change will be wonderful for the kids, the staff, and our community. Please take time to begin welcoming Brett to the school. It will be a
great summer to have Brett even more visible in the community. As we welcome more alumni back to raise families and become more diverse, I sincerely hope we can grow this school and keep it strong for many years to come! Have a great week and an enjoyable spring.

Loy Woelber