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Updates from Superintendent Woelber 12/6/21

Greetings from the School,


A belated Thanksgiving and wishes for a wonderful Christmas season to all of you!  I am thankful for my health, my family, and these wonderful small schools that I am able to serve.  I have been blessed for many years to be in such a great part of this State.  There are many stories out there from the rest of the State that are pretty rough regarding hostile board meetings and community dysfunction in our crazy times.  Our SW corner of the State has been very lucky and few if any of the 74 board members across the state that have quit since June have come from our region.  

COVID, vaccines, masks, politics, shortages and the list goes on.  BUT I hope during this time of year we can all make the effort to take that crap away from our kids and enjoy the season.  Turn off your reality t.v. and find Frosty or Rudolph.  I even dare you to find the “Little Drummer Boy” and “Santa Claus is Comin to Town” and teach your kids about “stop motion” animation and the “old days”.  My goal is to finally watch the entire “It’s a Wonderful Life” with no interruptions.  My son Jimmy is 26 and continues to be a walking TV guide when it comes to Freeform and the Holiday season movie guide so I am lucky to be able to watch the Grinch and many other classics a dozen times this season.

We are adopting our tax levy at our regular board meetings this month and if you have any questions please feel free to attend.  Otherwise please feel free to contact me at or 507-828-6608.  I think our small schools are worth keeping and I also understand the concerns that a few of us have regarding our own taxes.  Our district is NOT going to levy the maximum and we have a board that pays taxes in the district and balances the school and tax equation very well.

Peace be with all of you for a great Christmas season and the opportunity to enjoy old movies and family!

Loy Woelber