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Updates from Superintendent Woelber 10/6/21

Greetings from the School,
I DARE you to google “Pollyanna Glad Game” and watch a couple of clips from one of my favorite movies. With these crazy times, it’s perfect for all of us at any age. Instead of all the negativity we endure, this clip, let alone the movie, gives us hope. DO it! Get off tiktok, instagram and snapchat and watch this instead.

With COVID news, border news, worker shortage news, and politics, the Glad Game challenge can apply to all of us. We don’t need Tiktok challenges on
doing something stupid or bad. We can’t give up and we need to help our young people find something to celebrate, to be happy about, to remember fondly for years to come. Most of us had so much to enjoy when we were young and that was even without phones! I love seeing our younger kids playing football “in the shadows” while the varsity game is happening. What a great tradition that can make all of us smile.
● We do have positive COVID cases in the school. Our wonderful nurses and administration are handling them and communicating with the families. In my opinion, there is no end game. We will deal with it locally.
● We have turned in “COVID” funding plans to the State that has a mix of wanting better air quality, keeping class sizes small, transportation needs, and additional nursing and counseling. It’s short-term funding so I want to
get the most bang for the buck and have it last for years.
● We had great homecoming weeks and I was glad to see the kids still
keeping the tradition alive with coronation, dress-up days, and games
during the week.
● I love seeing alumni come back and visit the buildings whether individually
or in groups. They have made us who we are today and they deserve to come back and see buildings that are appreciated and cared for.
● Our enrollments look fine and of course, could always be more. I don’t believe in advertising. I believe in folks hearing about us and the great
things we do. I think word of mouth has power and we have wonderful employees to show and share that message.
● We have a great district with great kids and employees that want to be here. I’m “glad” that we all live in these great small towns.

Loy Woelber