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Updates from Superintendent Woelber 9/1/21

Greetings from Supt Woelber,
We are less than a week away from yet another memorable school year.
Usually, we have a group of employees being relaxed and excited for the new year. Instead, we have a group of employees that are excited, but have a touch of “what if” and “now what” etc. with the Govt. and COVID. We are in a tricky place in our country, let alone our State and I want OUR children to have a wonderful year. They deserve that as much as all of us did during our school-age years.

As you read this we are wrapping up our employee workshop days and getting everyone into the groove. I emphasized the politics of this pandemic. I wanted all employees to take this pandemic seriously while at the same time, appreciating the fact that we are able to operate without masks at this time. We need to be aware of not just going back to the “old days” and letting the little kids “hang on each other” and to simply be aware of keeping some space to make transmission not so “easy.” WE WANT ALL OUR KIDS IN SCHOOL EVERY DAY ALL YEAR! We also know how important it is for kids to socialize and not retreat even further into themselves and their devices. We may have to change our rules on the fly and we will keep everyone informed, if and when things get crazy on the COVID side.

Love is a good word and I hope that everyone in this district would agree. We have stressed school boards, stressed administrators and the list goes on. We have kids that have plenty of love at home and we have kids with not much at
all. We ask a lot out of our employees but I feel that they can balance the need
for education along with the gift of love. Let’s all hope for a great school year and for patience with one another.

Loy Woelber