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Updates from Superintendent Woelber 5/1/21

May 1st

A Message to the Employees in the Fulda School District!

Welcome to May and the last month of a very long year.  For some of us, it may have been the longest year of our lives.  You have almost made it and from my heart and head, I thank you all very much!  Our students have been blessed with small towns and with employees like EACH ONE of you that were soldiers, educators, and missionaries to them.  You won't always hear it specifically from parents but I hear the overarching thank you's from the community that we stayed in school.  We were 1 of less than 15 in the State that went the whole year in person!  


I can't wait for a normal year next year and I believe that it can happen.  I think most of us see an "end game" because by this fall everyone that wants vaccines will have the chance.  Our kids and especially the elementary need the "fun" and the assemblies etc.  Our secondary needs the activities and the social side of learning to work together.


I have been working on the best usage of our stimulus dollars along with the best mix of staffing that will benefit our kids and be appreciated by most all of you.  It is a mixture of some A/C, windows, van, minibus, staffing, and cleaning equipment/air quality.  I have also put in the application for some summer school work makeup time as well as some after-school tutoring the entire school year.  My goal is to get a little fund balance built up and to take care of some much-needed improvements in the facility.


I have been in daily contact with our Principals to put our best puzzle together possible in terms of staffing and doing what’s best for kids.


  • A big thank you to Rachel, our school nurse who covered us this year.  You handled it with grace and a smile.  We love you and appreciate your efforts!  Thanks for becoming a RAIDER!
  • This summer we will get a few students assisting our cleaning staff and get a bunch of catching up done with our buildings.  It will be exciting to have a much-improved space for our preschool.
  • We have our new Language Arts teacher hired as we say goodbye to Paula Lutz and you will love this young lady who is already house hunting!  She can’t wait to coach some theater!
  • We have our new Social Science teacher hired as we say goodbye to Donna Bastemeyer Parlin and you will enjoy this gentleman!
  • We have 3 new teachers arriving in the elementary next year and it will complete a wonderful group of teachers.  We also look forward to having a full-time Title/English Second Language teacher.  We have the need and all our children will benefit from the right interventions.
  • Raiders: There is much to be fearful of.  There is much to have anxiety about.  There is much to lend us the desire to give up.  BUT as I sit still in a quiet barn in a quiet rural MN community and proof this letter every 3 minutes, I can’t believe how lucky we are to live in this area of the State, how our facilities hardly show their age, how many things our kids have accomplished and how many laughs have been shared at Fulda.  We are an extremely strong district in terms of our teacher talent, our support staff work ethic, our Principals that bleed Raider red/black, and our 7  predominately alumni board members that want nothing but the best for the kids AND the employees.  As I wrap up my 20th year at WWG and sharing districts like Fulda, I sit back as an old dog and survey the place always ready for what lies ahead and it’s because of this community that I can keep up the sharing time and fight the good fight!

Happy May!

Loy Woelber