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Updates from Superintendent Woelber 4/5/21

Greetings from Fulda School,

I hope everyone had a great Easter Weekend and that you were able to spend time with your family enjoying the wonderful weather! What a great way to kick off the last couple of months of school and get the students outside for fresh air and get rid of the stir craziness we have all had the past few weeks.

A couple of months ago we as a board prioritized getting positive messages out to the public regarding our school and all it has to offer. We also felt it was important to have an all-day preschool option for our families. With families working out of town and limited daycare options, it was evident that ½ day preschool transportation was difficult for some families. We recently sent out a couple of surveys to our preschool families listed on our census in order to figure out the best options to reach the most kids. We want to continue to offer the ½ day option as well as adding a full-day option. Our goal is to give the families some options to have their students begin in Fulda and in return, they will want to stay in the school system. I am hopeful that we will be getting additional preschool and childcare in Fulda and our community will then be even more of a place for kids than it is now and we can get additional housing in the works.
Fulda is a great place to live and to have kids growing up in a small community while being minutes from a Regional Center in Worthington. I believe that if we can keep our class numbers around 30 in a grade, we have a very bright future.

Many of you have been hearing about and receiving stimulus dollars. The school will also receive money and will be able to use it with all that we have learned related to COVID. We will look at spending the money on air quality such as operable windows and air conditioning. We will look at additional transportation vehicles and storage. We will also use the money to assist with the physical and mental health of our staff and students by keeping an increased level of nursing and counseling in our school. This is a time in which we can use this money wisely and get a little fund balance built up that has not been there for a few years.

Have a great week and a wonderful start to April!

Loy Woelber