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School Board Recognition Week

Greetings from the School,


Our friendly newspaper folks asked if I had any comments about School Board Recognition Week of February 22nd.  Since we don’t have any “dingalings” on our board my answer was “of course I can!”  I have been working with school boards for 26 years now and it has been a great partnership trying to make our school a great place for the students, the employees, the families, and the communities the school serves.  I have been blessed with great school boards and it’s a big reason that I have “survived” this long. 

          A school board member may only “meet” 1-3 hours a month but they are “on-call” 12 months a year including days and nights.  Great school board members come from anywhere and that is what makes it good for kids.  I’ve worked with wonderful board members that are siblings, parents, grandparents, natives to the community, and those just moving to town.  Board members that run to get rid of a teacher or to get their child a starting position on the team generally don’t last long and board members soon realize a good board works together for all kids.  Our school community has a board that takes their job seriously and enjoys working with one another.  They bring their experiences, their knowledge, their energy, and their passion together for a monthly meeting to discuss and act on the items brought forth by the administration and at times the staff.  Occasionally, they will agree to disagree with each other but most often your board will hash it out and stand united for their school.

          If you get a chance please thank your school board members for stepping up and representing you, the community, and the kids.  Have a great end to your February, spring is coming!


Fulda: Don Tiesler (Chair), Kayla Clarke, Brittany Perish, Luke Isder, Brian VanderBeek, Doug Clarke, and Jason Appel.


Loy Woelber