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Updates from Superintendent Woelber 12/1/20

Greetings from Fulda School

I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving and spent some time with their precious family members. I’m going to enjoy the Christmas Season because we need that more this year than ever and I hope that this recent uptick in case numbers are a memory and we have a great 2021 to look forward to! We need our kids in school and that is a message shared by our local public health and our own school nurse Rachel. I heard even the Mayor of NYC now understands how important it is to have kids in school. Headlines commenting on the recent rise in suicides due to stress, hopelessness and economics cause me great alarm. All of us need hope and I feel that those of us that can shine a light on others must try!

I believe that most, if not all of you have received your tax statements and I hope you get a chance to look it over and compare the county, township/city and the school portions. Truth in Taxation meetings are rarely attended but we always welcome folks to come and share their concerns as well as support for what is happening in Fulda. For the second year in a row our
proposed taxes are going up a bunch and the reason is fairly simple and also frustrating. With land and housing prices going back up, the State, in their wisdom, feels that Fulda folks have “more money to spend” than the previous year. Therefore for every dollar, the school gets the Fulda folks will pay a higher percentage of that dollar and the State will pay less of a percentage of that dollar. Our total dollar amount going to the school DOES NOT increase unless the formula increases or we get additional students. I am concerned that the formula increase is not going to happen in the next couple of years due to COVID and I am hopeful that our student numbers
will hold steady and maybe even increase a little.

As a board, we need to come up with a reasonable amount to certify in the levy on Monday, December 14th at 6 p.m. Our allowable increase is nearly 20% which we simply do not plan on doing but also at the same time, trying not to make the mistake made many years ago by under levying too much and hurting the district in the long haul. We will look at our school budget, visit with our auditor and do the best we can while respecting the pocketbooks of our local folks. You have 7 board members that care about kids and this community. Be sure to reach out to them with your comments.
I hope all of you find ways to share the spirit of the season and to enjoy the amazing weather and all our small communities have to offer. “This too shall pass” and we will get a vaccine, some herd immunity as well as a NEW CALENDAR year!