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Updates from Superintendent Woelber 10/5/20

Greetings to Families and friends from the Fulda School,

It has been a whirlwind the last couple weeks with multiple meetings at the local, regional, and State level dealing with COVID and specifically our kids. We continue to monitor our cases and sicknesses not just in the school but in the multiple county area. There has been an increase in positive cases in Murray county and it all plays into our decision making at our school. No matter what you may feel about the COVID, the masks, and the social distancing; practicing these will keep our kids in school. The kids want to be here and the school employees want to be here! One of the meetings last week was with our Principals, our school nurse Rachel, our Regional coordinator Shelly and our SW MN public health nurse Kristen. We looked at the trends, the cases in school, and reviewed our current practices. We have been complimented on the diligence of everyone wearing masks, the spacing of all desks and tables, the extra nursing, and the way in which we have been utilizing the outdoors. With that being said, we are still able to keep our 7-12 students in a hybrid model despite the high numbers in Murray county. Contrary to questions being asked, WE HAVE ONLY HAD 1 POSITIVE ADULT to this point. We will have more to be sure but it has been going well so far. SHOULD / IF it gets really crazy and we would have to distance learn, we will be ready. Recently, information was sent out again to all families in order to prepare for a week or two in that model. Our teachers are even more prepared to make it as successful as possible and would operate their “command center/classroom” from inside the buildings in their classroom. Kids that had a history of struggling and those with other identified needs would be worked with on an individual basis from within the building by appointments. BUT HEY, we are going to stay positive and keep our kids in the building. Their “happy eyes” every day are priceless and I don’t want to imagine being without them again until, oh let’s say, next June!

In my opinion, much of our success has been our rural area and folks in the district choosing to stay local and venture out 1 mile for parts, etc. vs. making the run to regional centers. Just another wonderful reason to get your groceries local and take advantage of our local hardware store, lumber yard, variety store to name a few.

With the harvest and the many allergies along with the regular flu season coming up, we are thankful for our small school and the ability to know our kids and their backgrounds. Please remember and remind your students that if they are absent (even one day) they need to get the "all clear" to return back to school. If it is for a dentist appointment or on those lines, it is all fine, no need for an approval. If they're gone a day because they had a sore throat, they cannot just come back to school the following day because they now feel fine. We have to evaluate them by phone conversation to determine if they should return to school before seeking further medical evaluation. Contact the office and our amazing nurse and office ladies will assist you.

It’s a tough time for those in senior living facilities with the loneliness and it’s a tough time for kids that are used to schools also being a social experience. Keep them all in your thoughts and prayers and stay positive for their sake. We can and will beat this and look back on what we learned. Kinda like visiting with folks surviving the Great Depression and the “dirty
30’s.” Have a great October!

Mr. Woelber

Loy Woelber