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Latest updates on schools reopening

Greetings from your School,

We received updates today from the Dept of Education, the Dept of Health and the Governor regarding how school will begin in the fall and how it will operate throughout the year. It is overwhelming to say the least and as I digest more of it, I will have a better update after the weekend.


All schools are to base all of their decisions on the local county Covid Case data in two week intervals throughout the whole school year. There is also a chart that tells us where we sit in terms of cases per 10,000 people in the county. The higher that number every two weeks, the more we must change our plans to a hybrid and/or distance learning model. On the surface it seems we could be juggling a few times throughout the year. As of today, Murray County, Pipestone and Lincoln have had a couple tough weeks and if we went on that, we would be distance learning next week. Cottonwood Co. is ok at this time. FORTUNATELY, the cases are coming down and as we get closer to the start of the year we will continue to plan to have all students in our buildings with the 6 ft distance between students. In person and Hybrid will look very similar for our districts. It's the distance learning that I want to avoid.


All schools will work with "Regional advisors" and the MN Dept of Health moving forward. The other main message was the healthier each community stays, the less of a mess we will have at our schools. One huge gathering at the lake etc. can mess up schools based on the new system. I am sorry that I do not have a lot more information at this time. We will be meeting intensely next week with teams during the day and committees during the evening. Interested parties are welcome to share their feedback with me at or give me a call at 507-828-6608.


I will send more out early next week.



Loy Woelber, Superintendent

Westbrook Walnut Grove #2898, Fulda #505, Lake Benton #404. (507) 828-6608