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4/27 Updates from Superintendent Woelber

Greetings from Fulda Schools,

Who would have thought with the perfect weekend that we would wake up Monday and still be in this upside-down world!  As a farm boy, this is especially painful when I hear of the animals that will die without being food for someone as well as all the workers in the country that are not working.  I also can’t imagine the pain of social isolation that folks ages 5-99 are going through.  With that said,  I think the top two things on everyone's mind at the school are graduation and how to help all the students that are failing classes in this distance learning period.  We will do everything legal to find a way to get our seniors the best alternative possible and try something (depending on the State guidance) in and around the school and football field for the seniors and their families.  We have ordered some 2x3 foot personalized banners for each student to dress the area up.

I sent a note out this morning to employees that we will continue to honor the orders given to us by the Governor while also abiding by our school calendar and getting our students through this.  Friday, May 1, and Monday, May 4th there will be NO NEW INSTRUCTION for the students.  These two days are for additional planning for staff as well as getting students caught up on their homework.  The Principals also have a plan to wrap up the new assignments for students and to have employees focus solely on getting assistance to students to get work turned in and passing their classes!  There will still be daycare and meals served on all days of the current school calendar.  Employees will still have their in-service on the afternoon of May 27th.

LATEST FROM THE GOVERNOR: Even as Walz ordered the continuation of distance learning through the end of the school year, his latest executive order allows schools to provide in-school instruction for students who can’t be served through distance learning. The education department has not yet provided specific guidance.  Walz’s Thursday order also allows school staff to visit students’ homes for the purpose of building and preserving relationships. 

Offer up your prayers and encourage all students to get their work done.  Reach out to the seniors to let them know we love them and “this too shall pass.”  This is tough for everyone but we can help them keep it in perspective and things could be so much worse. 

Thank God for the great weather and for our farmers!

Loy Woelber