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Updates from Superintendent Woelber

March 29, 2020
Greetings everyone!
I wish I could share an article talking about all the bunnies, puppy dogs and fluffy hamsters in the district but I think if I did everyone would think I’ve been on another planet the past two weeks. This is my 25th year as an administrator and looking back there were no graduate classes titled “Pandemics in the 21st Century” nor were there enough snowstorms in 1996-1997 that had me wondering if the snow days would ever end. We are in uncharted territory and as much as it’s a pain and a time of uncertainty for the kids we must do our best to be thankful for where we live (sounds like I say that a lot doesn’t it). I can only hope that none of us lose anyone close to us in the next couple of months due to the disease. Prayer is good and I hope that you keep them going and if you are a rookie give it a try.
Everyone in the district is welcome to check our district website and Facebook page for updates on the distance learning plans as well as district-wide announcements.

Teachers and certain paraprofessionals will be in touch with the students throughout the weeks trying to ensure the best learning experience possible as well as being the much-needed stability that many students are looking for. This first week will be a big learning curve for the school folks as well as the students and we will adjust as we go. I hope and pray that we will all be together again in the first week of May. As you read this the State of MN is in week one of two weeks of “Stay Home” and the schools will have limited employees in the buildings at least through Easter. We will continue to offer daycare at the school for folks that have been categorized as emergency and essential workers. We will be offering school lunches/breakfast every day and they will be delivered to those that are not able to pick up at the school. For daycare services and for meals please do not hesitate to contact the school office and we will assist as best we can.

With the exception of me…….. OLD EDUCATORS CAN BE TAUGHT NEW TRICKS!! What I have seen and heard in the last two weeks from our employees as they plan is beyond words and my appreciation for them is also beyond words. 30-year veteran teachers are excited to show the technology person what they uploaded to their phone and then transferred to their google classroom! A 4th-year teacher working with a 20th-year teacher to share one’s tech-savvy with the other’s wisdom of the subject matter. One can never replace the human interaction that we all need in education but this bump in the road gave all educators a chance to explore what online education is all about. With our small schools, we will not let these kids fail and this planning now will be a blessing in years and snowstorms and bumps in the road to come! The kids need us now more than ever and if you see the kids out and about give them a wave and a
thumbs up to keep their spirits up! Thank you, everyone, for your support of our school children and our school employees.

Superintendent Woelber