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Updates from Superintendent Woelber

Greetings from Fulda Schools,

I just can’t have a sentence talking about the weather!  The weather is crazy and a touch on the crappy side but the sun shines on the great District of Fulda!  It’s this time of year that all the districts wring their hands about making up the days but it’s something that we all seem to survive and it didn’t “wreck” any of the graduates of 1969, 1975, 1984, 1997 or 2001.  These days unfortunately our Govt. is wrapped up in test scores and so we all get a little crazy about getting kids ready for the big test.  I think it’s just another rite of passage for these kids to brag to the younger ones about “when I was your age it was so cold” and “oh that’s nothing… when I was a kid we missed so many days of school” etc.  We’ll get them made up in some shape or form and look back with fond memories.

Boys basketball enters playoffs this week and we all will be cheering them on!  Our Girls Basketball wrapped up their season this past weekend and were a group to be proud of because of their attitudes and willingness to keep playing hard no matter how tough it was.  It was a long year but the girls were good role models to the younger athletes that want to take the program back to new heights with our friends from HLO.  KEEP SUPPORTING all our athletes and encouraging them to participate!  To keep our small schools strong, there has to be a point where we teach our kids that in some ways it's a student’s civic duty to be involved in their “school community” by joining sports no matter how “good” they are.  Theater, FFA, speech, knowledge bowl, sports to name a few are “neighborhoods” within our “school community” that students can begin to make a difference for others.  There is no excuse to not participate and to help your classmates be better.  Thank you to GBB seniors Jasmine Vega, McKenzie Evers for toughing it out all these years and the character you built will carry you far. 

We begin the process of planning for next year and looking at the budget.  We keep banking on our elementary classes in the 30’s continuing on into the secondary.  It always has been and will be a numbers game for the budget.  WE balance that with offering a quality experience for today’s students. WE balance that with a teacher shortage and being located in a rural area and keeping the great quality folks we have.  WE balance that by working with the State on testing and teaching the standards.  WE balance that with more and more being a part of a student’s emotional and physical well being and providing for that during the day.  WE balance that with keeping up our nice facilities and technology.

Ms. Lorenz is wrapping it up in the classroom after many great years in Fulda and we all thank her for the service.  Thank you for your Fulda pride and support!  Have a great end of February and get ready for Spring!