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Updates from Superintendent Woelber

September 23, 2019

Greetings from Fulda School,
I continue to pray for dryer weather and let’s hope we can get rolling on a successful harvest! My good neighbor has to get a section of corn chopped asap! The weather this time of year is crazy yet again and I hope our farmers can make it once again. Hats off to our staff and students for the ups and downs in temperatures and handling it well especially on 2nd and 3rd floor in the elementary!
I am very proud of our kids this fall by getting off to a great start in so many ways. Our buildings look amazing and I see how the kids appreciate it and their respect for our facilities is appreciated by everyone. All the activities are showing success and the students are walking tall in
the hallways! An old administrator once told me that he would take a 50/50 team in terms of wins any year over all wins or all losses because the kids learn balance and the ups and downs. They are not beat down and not too cocky and play for the thrill of competition. Thank you, students, and thank you, families, for a great start!
Unfortunately, our society also has students that make poor choices and a youngster in a neighboring district made a poor choice by posting threats to others. After all this country has been through and even with the terrible things that have happened in MN schools we still have to have folks that don’t think straight. Good or bad, just this past few months the Fulda district has been planning for the next stages of school security. The high school has cameras everywhere and only one door is left unlocked for entry to the building. The last step would be to have all doors locked and a video entry system installed at a couple of doors. As far as the elementary goes we do not have cameras installed yet but as with most contractors this year, the weather has held our installer and we hope to have cameras before the middle of October. We also have one access door that is unlocked but that will also change before Thanksgiving. We are excited to announce that we will be moving the main entrance to the elementary school from the old center corridor to the NW corner of the building! It’s very rewarding to visit with alumni and the local folks about making improvements to these great buildings. We have a lot to be proud of in Fulda and we are on our way!
Talk with your kids about these incidents and know that the school is available for your students if they need to talk further. School should be some of the best memories of your life before you get out into the jungle of
life. It’s unfortunate that some folks have a way of trying to screw up our sense of security but we must be positive and communicate with each other and our kids.

Have a great end of September!