• Fulda Public Schools

    District Goals


    I. High Student Achievement


    A. The primary goal of our district is to improve student achievement

    1. Efficient and timely use of formal and informal assessments.
    2. Identify behavioral and academic challenges through referrals and implement corrective measures.
    3. Encourage personal staff/student relationships.


    B. Increased academic rigor and achievement for all students

    1. Provide Post-Secondary education opportunities (College In The High School).
    2. Assist all students to attain their fullest potential.


    C. Promote participation in fine arts and extra-curricular programs

    1. Continue to explore opportunities of sharing program offerings with neighboring districts.


    D. Provide a Professional Learning Environment

    1. Promote positive social behavior.
    2. Evaluate and enforce dress code.
    3. Drug and substance free school.


    II. Effective Leadership


    A. Effective Communication

    1. Open communication between staff and administration.
    2. Efficient use of Meet and Confer.
    3. Improve communication between grade levels to create a smooth transition PK-12.


    B. Professional Development for Staff, Administration and School Board

    1. Dedicated commitment to professional growth.
    2. Effective use of Staff Development.
    3. Shared responsibility through participation on committees.
    4. Explore innovative concepts that benefit children.


    C. Shared Vision and Teamwork

    1. Recognize teamwork as an essential component of planning and implementation of district goals.
    2. Seek input of faculty, staff, community, and student body.
    3. Investigate programs to increase parent/community involvement.



    III. Efficient Operations


    A. Closely monitor District’s financial position

    1. Operate programs at maximum efficiency.
    2. Review financial/auditor reports for future planning.


    B. Long Range Planning for District #505

    1. Revise the five year plan annually.
    2. Encourage enrollment through identification and communication of Districts strengths.
    3. Review district curriculum cycle.


    C. Personnel

    1. Foster an environment that is positive and emphasizes respect and responsibility.
    2. Embrace challenges as opportunities to grow personally and professionally.
    3. Continued use of staff evaluation process and documentation tool to promote professional growth.
    4. Use of documentation to identify areas of potential improvement.


    D. Technology

    1. Develop and evaluate an effective long range technology plan.
    2. Effectively use technology in instruction and management.


Last Modified on July 23, 2009