Lettering In Speech

  • A letter may be earned for a season of participation in Speech if you have met the following criteria:

    1. The student shows a commitment to the team and program by: 
      • attending all scheduled tournament events. (Students may miss one tournament per season without losing lettering eligibility.) 
      • practicing regularly each week (at least once per week). 
      • showing a positive attitude about school and team.
    2. The student shows a commitment to the team and program by: 
      • preparing for tournaments
      • peer coaching
      • working specifically with novice team members
      • making locker posters
      • being a “Breakfast Buddy”
      • helping with fundraising
      • and other team activities
    3. The student maintains a 2.0 G.P.A.


    1. Students who do not meet all of the above criteria but have shown a commitment to the team for three years will letter. 
    2. Students showing poor conduct or disrespect at any time will forfeit recognition given by Fulda High School. 
    3. Any student declared ineligible by the MSHSL will forfeit any recognition given by FHS. 
    4. Students who advance to the State Competition will automatically letter. 
    5. All letters are granted at the discretion of the activities director and coaches.