• Etiquette at Speech Meets

    Dress Code

    The dress code for speech tournaments is formal: Proper attire is dress clothes (skirts, dresses, dress pants, dress shirts, etc.). No jeans of any kind are allowed. No khaki pants are allowed. We want to maintain a professional manner and our dress contributes to that. You will be left at home if you are not dressed properly.

    You will remain in your dress clothes until the end of the tournament; however, you may wear a sweatshirt until the awards ceremony. If you need help getting proper clothing for speech tournaments, please see Mr. Bambrick.

    Before Your Speech

    Be prepared! The work you put into preparing your speech during the week will go along way toward a having a good meet on Saturday.

    After our team meeting and after you have received your schedule, find your rooms.

    Leave your coat &/or bag(s) in the meeting area.  Bring only your script, a pen/pencil, water, and yourself to your speaking room.

    Be in the room 5 minutes before the round begins.

    During & After the Rounds

    Sit quietly during each speaker (pay attention!) and applaud after each speech.  Be polite!

    Return to the meeting area after each round to check in with Mr. Bambrick (or at least to see if he's there!).

    Be quiet walking through the hallways; speeches are taking place all around you!

    Clean up after yourself.

    Remember that all times that you are not just representing your team or school, but the entire Fulda community.  Words and actions should reflect as such.

Last Modified on April 20, 2017