Team Rules & Etiquette

  • Practice
    • You are required to practice at least 2 times before being allowed to compete. If you have not practiced twice before the first meet, you will attend the tournament but will not be allowed to compete.
    • You are required to practice at least 1 time a week throughout the season. 
    • Practices generally last about 25 minutes and practice times are available before and after school. 
    • Know when you have signed up for practice. "Forgetting" your scheduled time is wasted time.

    Message Board & Facebook
    Check the school message board and/or the team Facebook page often for announcements, bus-times, etc.

    Peer Coaching
    You are required to Peer Coach 2 times during the season. A critique sheet must be filled out and returned to Mr. Bambrick to receive credit for the Peer Coaching.

    Attendance at Tournaments
    You must notify Mr. Piper ONE WEEK in advance if you cannot attend a tournament. If I do not receive notice, you will receive an UNEXCUSED absence. You are allowed ONE excused absence for the season.

    Lettering In Speech
    If you are interested in Lettering in Speech, see the handout about the requirements that must be met. 

    Dress Code
    The dress code for speech tournaments in FORMAL. (Skirts, dresses, dress pants, dress shirts, etc.) No khaki pants will be allowed. We want to maintain a professional manner and our dress contributes to that.
    You will remain in your dress clothes until the end of the tournament; however, you may wear a sweatshirt until the awards ceremony. If you need help getting proper clothing for speech tournaments, please see Mr. Bambrick.